Welcome to Pisces Glass Gallery

Every piece shown is a one of a kind artwork made by Vaigale K. Duers. 


Welcome to Pisces Glass Gallery, located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


Even as a child, I was fascinated by things artistic, though my parents being of the practical bend, directed me into a more serious course of study, namely being a dentist.


Obviously, I did not follow that course too well.  Instead of dentistry, I went into the accounting field, which I found more interesting!  Fortunately, upon retirement, in 1987, I finally found my way to what was really important to me.  ART! 

I loved oil painting, but I was allergic to oils.  Not a good thing.  So I decided to try watercolors.  I was hooked!  Eventually, I found my way to pastels, and the rest was history.


But then one day, in 2006, I saw a sign advertising glass classes, and the old fascination with all things sparkly stirred again!  Glass always mesmerized me!  A paperweight could transport me to another world for hours, it's like holding a moment in time in your hands.  It transports you to other worlds, and let's your imagination run wild.  It's beautiful, but it can be the most frustrating medium!  It is my magnificent obsession!!


The result of this is my studio!  I create sculpted glass, fused glass, and, mainly, art glass jewelry for today's discerning fashionable woman, while still keeping up my painting.


Welcome to my gallery and my world.


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